Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Surfing started in the early years of ancient Hawaii. Surfing was a deeply spiritual affair, from the art of riding waves itself, to praying for good surf, to rituals surrounding building a surfboard. Surfing was not only a recreational activity, it was also a training exercise for Hawaiian chiefs and a means of conflict resolution. There were two kinds of surfboard in these times, an 'Olo' (rode by the chiefs or the noblemen known as the 'Alii') and a 'Alaia' (rode by the commoners). The wooden boards were made using the Wili Wili, the Ula and the Koa tree's. And ranged from 10 to 16 feet long depending on social class... 10-12 feet for commoners and 14-16 feet for the noblemen and chiefs.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Makahiki Games

This is just a random video that i felt like sharing on this blog, so enjoy.

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The "surf board" dated way back to the 1900's and had over 30+ types of board designs and still going. The 1st "surf board" was created in Hawaii by Tom Blake in 1902, its design was sorta just a stick because it was like 1 foot wide and 4 feet long.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Different Surf Boards

<-----long boards

<-----fish Tails

<----- short Boards

Surf Board Samples

The History Of The Surf Board >.<

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